Wise Woman Business Academy

Imagine a group of women from around the globe coming together with the same intention. 

To reclaim what was once stolen from them. 

They are healers, holistic therapists, coaches, witches, lightworkers, shaman, priestesses but above all they are Wise Women. 

Deep inside they know its time to rise, time to reclaim what is truely theirs. 

Now is he time & together we rise. 

We claim our space in this world as the Wise Woman we are. 

How do I know the Wise Woman Business Academy is for me?

Do you hear the whispers of the Wise Woman?

She of the Wild who lives on her own terms.

Is your heart yearning to unleash the Wise Woman within?

She who confidently speaks her truth & walks her path of purpose.

She listens to mother natures heartbeat & lives with the seasons. 

She who looks to the night sky and knows we are all connected, grandmother moon, the stars & galaxies. 

Are you ready to embrace your destiny and finally overcome fears, doubts, emotions, beliefs, vows, contracts & obstacles getting in the way of being the woman you are meant to be?

It's time to connect with your true purpose. 

Time to let go of the past.

If you feel this deep in your heart then, you wise woman are in the right place! 

Let's rise together!

You know deep down in your bones, in every fibre of your being that you are a wild woman, a lightholder, a witch, a wise woman, an old soul.

You know because it's not the first time you have been called to be of service in a healing capacity. You hold the memory of those other times & places in every fibre of your being. 

You've spent a lifetime knowing it, feeling it, hiding in the shadows, fearing it. 

You know you have a greater purpose in life.

You yearn to be free of the shackle that bind you to a different time

"Just do it" your mind says. Your body & soul say different. "No" it's too dangerous, its not safe! 

You take the practical steps to move forward with your souls purpose in your work and life.

Each time you step out you feel like there is something blocking you. You can't quite put your finger on it but you know that it's there. 

The fear is real.

Your mind will do anything to protect you from the percieved danger that lies ahead if you step out from the shadows and shine your light for all to see. 

So you retreat, you hide, but the whispers are still there.

Wise Woman,

I hear you.

I feel you.

I see you. 

I am you. 

I want you to know that you are safe. 

It's time. 

The divine feminine is rising.

The time for hiding is over. 

This is your time!

Let's reclaim the wise woman together!

You can have it all! 

You can live your purpose & have a wildly successful business.

First you must get out of your own way and clear the path for abundance and prosperity. 

Being a woman raised in a patriarchal society you have been conditioned from birth! We all know situations where women do not earn as much a men. 

It's not that long since women gained the right to own their own money and so these conditionings are still in our bones & consciousness. 

If you are a healer, coach, lightworker, holistic therapist you are also likely to have many patterns of not charging enough, if at all!

You likely feel guilty for charging and you probably feel like its not spritual to be wealthy even though you really want to be. 

In all likelihood you have had past lifetimes where you made a vow of poverty or made a contract not to be wealthy and this is playing out in this lifetime as: 

  • Struggling to live out your purpose & to get your business off the ground.
  • Not charging for your work
  • Not charging enough
  • Giving too much time to your clients
  • Feeling guilty for charging and lowering the price because you think your clients can't afford it.

As part of the Wise Woman Business Academy  we will untangle your money story. 

Let go of the past and bring in fresh new perspectives for you as a Wise & Wealthy Woman ready to manifest the life of your dreams! 

Wise Woman Business Academy

No ordinary business school!

The wise woman business academy focuses on you. 

We will dive deep into your own fears, blocks and beliefs that hold you back from living your purpose and having the abundance that goes hand in hand with sharing your work in the world. 

You will be held in a safe space of non judgement as you peel back the layer that the world has imposed upon you. 

Your soul carries the memories of times gone by and we will energetically visit those places to release the past. 

The beauty of group healing is the collective energies of women that are journeying down the same path as you, as you heal we all heal and the planet heals too. 

What you get:

  • A private facebook group for community and support. 
  • 3 Zooms a month
  • Weekly calls, 3 a month, alternating between, community time calls/sharing circle, akashic ascension healing calls, business Q&A/hotseat style calls. 
  • Module videos on all aspects of business - your message, your purpose, your offerings and more! 
  • Recordings of all the healing calls to listen to again. 
  • 6 months access to all materials 

Cost: €