Wise & Wealthy Healers Collective

Imagine a group of women from around the globe coming together with the same intention. 

To reclaim what was once stolen from them. 

They are healers, holistic therapists, coaches, witches, lightworkers, shaman, priestesses but above all they are Wise Women. 

Deep inside they know its time to rise, time to reclaim what is truely theirs. 

Now is the time & together we rise. 

We claim our space in this world as the Wise Woman we are. 

How do I know the Wise Woman Business Collective is for me?

Do you hear the whispers of the Wise Woman?

She of the Wild who lives on her own terms.

Is your heart yearning to unleash the Wise Woman within?

She who confidently speaks her truth & walks her path of purpose.

She listens to mother natures heartbeat & lives with the seasons. 

She who looks to the night sky and knows we are all connected, grandmother moon, the stars & galaxies. 

Are you ready to embrace your destiny and finally overcome fears, doubts, emotions, beliefs, vows, contracts & obstacles getting in the way of being the woman you are meant to be?

It's time to connect with your true purpose. 

Do the work you love, make an impact on the world and make more money! 

If you feel this deep in your heart then, you wise woman are in the right place! 

Let's rise together!

Wise Woman,

I hear you.

I feel you.

I see you. 

I am you. 

I want you to know that you are safe. 

It's time. 

The divine feminine is rising.

The time for hiding is over. 

This is your time!

You can have it all! 

You can live your purpose & have a wildly successful business.

You know you have a purpose in this lifetime and it is ready to be lived.

You know you want to create a beautiful, sustainable business for you and your loved ones.

You want to work at a job that is meaningful and aligned with your values.


You struggle with finding support with the current options in the coaching world.

You are not sure people really get you and your intuitive, spiritual and sensitive ways.

You want your business to be built from a deep sense of purpose and knowing.

You are committed to creating a longlasting, sustainable business on your terms in a way that lights you up and motivates you.

Productivity, structure, marketing, visibility scares the life out of you, it seems so unnecessary, you just want to do your sacred work.

You also fully understand that in order to create your dream business you must get onboard with these things but they seem like a mountain to climb so you bury your head in the hope they will go away.

Your purpose is so dear to your heart that you protect it like a newborn baby, so much so that you don’t share your work with the world for fear of rejection, judgement, abandonment, it is safer to bubble wrap your work and keep it to yourself.

You are also fully aware that you have self limiting beliefs, trauma responses, energy and mindset blocks

You are not here reading this from the lack of trying, in fact quite the opposite. Daily journalling, meditation, visualisation, unblocking your chakras for the bajillionth time!

In fact you often wonder with all this inner work why you are not further along!

What if I told you there is nothing wrong with you and you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Everything you have been through has led you to this moment.

All of your life experience, the ups and downs are what make you the healer you are and it is what gives you your unique strengths as a healer/coach/therapist.

I know you might have worked with coaches/healers before and it felt like they didn’t really get you or your work and you have been left feeling disappointed and out of pocket.

I know that you are probably fed up of all the promises and hype and you wonder if you will ever truly get your spiritual business off the ground and making real money.

I know that well meaning coaches, healers, friends and family have told you to get over yourself and just do the work, take action, just do it!

I understand that its not that simple!

To be a healer in this lifetime on this planet right now is not an easy task!

Not only are you clearing and healing your own traumas, you are possibly healing your family line, your ancestral and generational trauma. Throw in past lives and the collective consciousness and you have your work cut out for you!

I know that having a spiritual sacred, heart centered and soulful business is a healing journey as much as it is a business one.

I know that you cant just get over yourself!

You don’t fit the traditional business mould and let’s be really honest, you wouldn’t want to anyway.

I have walked this path for many years, my healing and business journey started back in my early 20’s but took a turbo boost in 2010, I hid my healing gifts very well and my story is one of learning to accept them, use them, be visible with them and lead others along this path too.

My business and my healing journey are entwined, and it was only when I went inwards and faced my shadows, learned to love all the parts of myself that my business and life began to flourish.

I feel comfortable in my own skin. I am no longer afraid of my own power. I accept my healing gifts as a blessing and I claimed my space as an empowered woman with something magical to offer the world.

I created the Wise and Wealthy Healers out of my passion to support and empower spiritual entrepreneurs to do the work they love, make the impact they desire and of course make more money.

This is no ordinary membership!

It is a place of deep healing

A space of safety.

A community of women, raising each other up!

Together we are creating a sustainable, long lasting business from the inside out!

  • We are modern mystics, we stand on the shoulders of giants, of the women that have come before us and we harness this power.
  • We have our own toolkits and we use them, crystals, essences, reiki and other healing modalities.
  • We believe in magic and manifesting.
  • We follow the seasons and the cycles of the earth, the moon and stars, We find our own rhythms.
  • Time management, structure, systems and productivity become portals to the freedom we crave as unthedered souls
  • We face our shadows and deep wounds around being seen, feeling safe to do your work, not feeling good enough, feeling deserving.
  • We face our fears and core wounds around rejection, judgement, abandonment.
  • We look at the collective and ancestral wounds of money and repair and build our sacred relationship with money that will allow you to charge for your services, to receive more than you ever have before, to build a business that feels safe, secure and end the feast, famine cycle.
  • Allowing for growth, freedom where  you can create a solid foundation for your legacy.

Let's do this together!

No ordinary membership!

The wise and weatlhy healers focuses on you. 

We will dive deep into your own fears, blocks and beliefs that hold you back from living your purpose and having the abundance that goes hand in hand with sharing your work in the world. 

You will be held in a safe space of non judgement as you peel back the layers that the world has imposed upon you. 

Your soul carries the memories of times gone by and we will energetically visit those places to release the past. 

The beauty of group healing is the collective energies of women that are journeying down the same path as you, as you heal we all heal and the planet heals too. 

The pillars of the work we do in the Wise Woman Collective are: 

Self belief, you have heard it a million times before and i will say it again, it all boils down to your beliefs – “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” CG.Jung

Self love "As I began to love myself I recognized that my mind can disturb me
and it can make me sick. But as I connected it to my heart, my
mind became a valuable ally. Today I call this
connection “WISDOM OF THE HEART”.

Forgiveness. The process of forgiveness frees us from our past, it clears the emotional clutter and creates space for you to bring in more clients, more money and more opportunities.

The Wise woman Business Collective is not really a membership, its more of a mystery school.

You will reconnect with the goddess inside of you, your inner queen, inner warrior, your womb wisdom and your inner wise woman.

You will connect with and balance your inner divine masculine and divine feminine that will support you in creating structure and flow in your sacred business, giving you time freedom, security and ease.

How does it work?

There will be 3 portals in the collective.

The community portal – In the form of a facebook group, this is where you will connect with the other women, form friendships, support each other and network.

The Healing portalA library of healing resources. There will be live group akashic ascension healing, hypnotherapy recordings on topics such as confidence, self love and more!

We will tackle everything from ancestral healing, witch wound, creating ease in our lives, flow, simplicity.

Clearing anything that doesn’t serve you in attracting the right clients to your business themes such as trust, authenticity, commitment, focus, infinite possibilities, surrender, prosperity, higher self, being a conduit for source energy and more!

There will be live calls that will be recorded that will build the library of healings.

The Business portalA library of business resources.

A date with your divine destiny (my take on your life purpose).

East to west – if you want to go east, you cant stay in the west, a yogic teaching that changed my life!

Niche FOMO – Why the fear of missing out is stopping your from moving forward in your business and what to do about it.

Messaging – Who is your message for and how to get it out of your head and onto paper.

Sacred Planning – Divine masculine and feminine energy in the planning and structure of your business.

Being yourself - how being authentic will get you clients a lot quicker than you think.

Beautiful Boundaries 

Wise woman leadership – how you can lead with heart and thrive.

Ideal clients – we get clear on who they are, why they are your favourite people to work with and why.

Magical marketing – lets get magical about connecting with your soul mate clients and look at marketing through a different lens.

These will be held live and be recorded and stored in the business portal to listen to again.

You will get:

A Facebook community for connection, discussion and friendship. 

2 live calls per month

1 community call to share, get to know each other

1 Akashic Ascension healing call on Zoom, cameras off, get comfy, relax and allow me and my guides to connect to the akashic records of the group & support you through letting go of what you don’t need. Each call will have a different theme. They will be recorded if you cannot make it live and you can listen to the recordings again and again for deeper healing.

1 business call – hot seat style where you get to ask questions around your business and next steps, the akashic records of the group will be open and I will be tuning in to give you insights around your businesses.

Monthly Payments of €27 Founding Members Price 

"A wonderful introduction to how Caitriona works, with a blend of practical, spiritual & mindful interactions. She is a fantastic group facilitator, wise woman, channel, connector with the divine. I have gained some real clarity, a connection with a goddess, valuable insights. She brings humour, truth, honesty & inspiration to everything she does. I would really encourage others to do this course if they are looking for their next step, more clarity & wish to explore their relationship with their business" 

"Caitriona helped me connect with my intuition, be more clear on my role as a healer, and embrace the more magical side of my being and my business. The best part of the experience was the dedicated time with inspirational like-minded women. If you're thinking about joining this course, be open to the possibilities and follow your intuition"

"Working with Caitriona is like being supported by a strong, graceful, funny, wise Goddess. She works with precision, power and humour and hells to connect you to a rich source of inner strength. If you get the chance to work with her, take it!!"

Why invent the wheel, why work alone? a community of like minded and openhearted people working towards similar goals of coming into confidence as a leader in my own life. Caitriona is made for this" Gina