People say the nicest things!

"I was very happy with the results that I have seen from my distance healing session with Caitriona. I spoke to Caitriona of an ongoing psoriasis issue that I had on the bottom of my feet and how I felt it may have to do with something to do with my connection to Ireland and some emotional trauma I felt in the land but also to past experiences living here. I was asking her is she could somehow work on this issue with me to see if anything was made more apparent as to why this was occurring for me. 

As we were doing the session together, I had actual physical sensations in my physical body as we were moving through the chakras to balance them. I felt a lot of peace but also emotions and also felt negative attachment to experiences being gently removed and taken away from me to be transformed. I felt a sense of "newness" and moving forward in an easier and peaceful way. 

After our session, we spoke of what we each of us felt and saw during the session. So much of what Caitriona saw and felt made absolute sense to me and helped bring clarity and resolution to the reasons I was experiencing some of the physical and emotional manifestations in my body. I felt that I was able to do my work here in Ireland with less trauma attached to my experiences with the land as a result of the session. One of the most helpful visualiazations to me was when Caitriona saw the goddess Eiru planting me into the ground here in Ireland.... rooting me to my purpose and work here. I also realized that the psoriasis on the bottom of my feet was a physical manifestation of trying to protect myself with an extra layer of skin to the trauma of the Earth I was feeling here in Ireland.  

 I have noticed a difference in my psoriasis since this session for the better. I am using a cream I made myself and was guided to another new product to try to help with reducing and eliminating the symptoms. I had tried many things before the session to help my psoriasis symptoms but feel I needed this session to get extra clarity on why it was happening on a spiritual and emotional level so that I can heal. I believe that the session with Caitriona was of great benefit to me and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wishes to have distance healing and work with the Goddess energy! She takes great care and is very loving and compassionate in her work. Thank you so much Caitriona! Love and hugs!  Michelle Nilson


"My session was just what I needed, insightful, humorous, no nonsense and spot on.

It opened up other avenues I hadn't considered, made connections I hadn't been aware of and gave me grounded tangible steps to take towards my goals.

I loved Caitriona's visual sharing of how my guides came across, it made so much sense!

Caitriona's knowledge and awareness in facilitating this enabled me to relax into her very safe hands.

I feel the session is still weaving it's magic in my day to day life as more insights and "aha" moments spring up.

It was amazing to be able to ask any questions and get such precise answers.

I feel so much more focussed with a clear direction of the steps I need to take for my business.

My excitement and passion have been re-ignited and I feel more certain about where to put my energies now.

I would highly recommend a session with Caitriona". Fiona Hughes, Cerridwen's Cauldron

I had a session today with Caitriona Hicks and it was fantastic! Not only was the information extremely helpful but Caitriona is lovely & shares in such a caring & relatable way. I highly suggest her services if you're looking for clarity in your business! Jessica 


"I had a session with Caitriona and absolutely loved the experience. Caitriona supplied information that was really relevant and confirmed a lot of things for me while giving me lots of new ideas and possibilities. Caitriona is very intuitive and at times she was so accurate it was like she had literally stepped in to my memories and described things exactly as I felt them. Would highly recommend working with Caitriona". Sally Arthurs



"I loved my energy healing session with Caitriona, it was relaxing and a little tiring, but I think that she had done so much deep work that my body needed to adjust. I had asked for help in strengthening my connection with the goddess energy as I feel that this pre-patriachal energy is very important to help me with my work. During the session I felt very relaxed, as Caitriona aligned my chakras I felt energy movements in my outer energy bodies and some re-integration back into my body of some parts of energy that had sharded out at various times of my life. Caitriona was very intuitive with the information that she gave me, especially about my brow chakra. Since the healing I have become more and more aware that the aligning of my chakras has really allowed me to tap deeply into my own feelings, also to remember the occasions that had caused very painful feelings to become lodged in my body. My intuitive process and clairscentience have strengthened and I have become more aligned with the direction of my work in enabling women to change the way that we take our passion into the world and support ourselves. I highly recommend a session with Caitriona, mine has been very beneficial for me" Rebecca Veryan Miller. 


"I had an amazing session with Caitriona. I had asked Caitriona to read the Akashic records concerning my business: Alka's Garden. I was informed that when she went into the records , she entered into a garden & was asked to stay for tea.I told Caitriona that this was my idea to create a garden that anyone could feel comfortable in, originally by painted objects but was now open for healing.

I wanted to incorporate healing into my artistic business, but was unsure how to do so. I had told Caitriona that all my pieces were infused with reiki.  She conferred me in regards to the healing I do. The healings are: shamballa reiki, arcturian reiki, chakra clearings with the use of a pendulum.  Caitriona conferred with the Akashic records/guides & informed me that I should try creating a picture when I do the chakra clearings.  I said that I would have to try some for free that I would need some guinea pigs to try this on.

Caitriona & I did converse about my prices for these services.  Was informed that I should raise my prices. I agreed that my prices should go up especially if I'm providing a sketch. I also informed Caitriona that I was in a psychic show in October, that I was going to try this out at the show: the drawings with the chakra clearings.

I'm  very grateful to have had this reading with Caitriona. I have come away with some ideas which will assist me to go further with my healing & will make both my healing & art succeed further". Alka Bailey, Alka's Garden