Reclaiming the Wise Woman - An online 6 month journey for women.

A Journey with the Celtic Goddess an Cailleach

Do you hear the Call of the Wild Woman?

She of the Wild who lives on her own terms.

Is your heart yearning to unleash the Wise Wild Woman within?

She who confidently speaks her truth & walks her path of purpose.

The part of you that listens to mother natures heartbeat & lives with the seasons. 

The one who looks to the night sky and knows we are all connected, grandmother moon, the stars & galaxies. 

Are you ready to embrace your destiny, manifest your dreams & dance together in sisterhood into a wonderful new world you create for yourself? 

Join Caitriona Hicks and Michelle Nilson on an empowering 6 month modern day Celtic wisdom journey featuring Aine, the Celtic Goddess of Summer, Abundance, Sovereignty, & Magic. Aine will guide us to illuminate our own inner wild wise woman.

If you are hearing this powerful call, we would love for you to join us in sacred sisterhood to dance in a new and beautiful world... a world where every woman knows, feels, and embodies her divine creative birthright. 

During our time together from Bealtaine to Samhain

  • You will explore the infinite possibilites that are available to you & how to dance in this new time 
  • You will see how embracing the sun, the yang energy of the year can support you and move you forward to living life on your terms. 
  • You will dive deep into your visions and dreams
  • Align yourself with the seasons and cycles of life
  • You will learn to be and stay in your own sovereignty and what that truly means to you. 
  • Letting go of anything that is weighing you down and not allowing the fullness of your souls expression.
  • You will connect with the magic of life and harness your own innate abilities to create a life in which you are truly joyful. 
  • You will sit in sacred sisterhood, journeying to the sacred Grange stone circle near Lough Gur & Cnoc Áine, in Ireland.  Held safely in the group we will laugh, dance, take a deep dive into what embracing a new world truly means to you. 

Michelle and Caitriona appeared at a time when needed sisterhood, support and guidance... introducing me to an Cailleach and all her wisdom. The bimonthly calls & meditations were deeply transformative and nurturing, I felt gently guided back to home. On reflection the Cailleach journey has been deeply healing and restorative ... the Cairn has become a place I shall return to time and again in my heart... to feel safe with my sisters xxx

previous journey participant

As part of this journey, you will receive guidance and support. You will be held in a safely in the light of the stone circle & this support will include:

  • Vibrational essences 
  • Guided meditations
  • Coursework & Journal prompts
  •  Biweekly zoom calls.
  • A private Facebook group for community interaction & support.




Group journey with all of the above included. 

Pay in full €375 one month free or 6 Monthly payments of €75

See Paypal Subscriptions below and Full pay options 

Áine Journey - Group only full pay 

To Subsribe to the 6 month payment plan for the group only option €75 per month, click on the PayPal link below

About us:

Hi, I'm Caitriona,  I am a traditional Irish Herbalist trained in the Wise Woman ways, I am also flower & vibrational essence therapist,  a Celtic Women’s Circle facilitator and I have also completed Shamanic women’s studies & the Celtic Medicine wheel. I have also studied Women’s studies in UCD ( University College Dublin). It is my passion to support women empower themselves & become the best and brightest versions of themselves. 

Here's what a past client had to say about our work together -  "Caitriona is a force of nature;  tall, funny, compassionate and very, very wise. In fact, exactly like the Celtic Goddesses she channels so well.  Her approach to healing is straightforward and real and the resulting healing session is very powerful.  Highly recommended." Ann Callaghan, Indigo Essences

About me: Hi my name is Michelle! I am a nature ally, mystic, and spiritual wisdom facilitator.

It is my greatest passion to help others find and feel their connection to nature and the natural world around them. This fascination with the natural world began at an early age.

From this early “knowing”, I became very curious about what many would call metaphysical phenomena and concepts. I was part of and facilitated many spiritual discussion groups, studied with Indigenous elders, studied herbalism, aromatherapy, reiki, sound healing, sacred geometry, different philosophies, and vibrational, flower, and gem essences.

I grew up in the United States and moved to Ireland in 2012 to learn more about my Celtic roots and pursue my dream of making my own range of flower essences in Ireland.

I feel very blessed to now have a thriving flower essence practitioner business named Nature’s Essence Alchemy and also to be a producer of my own range of flower and vibrational essences named Light Essence Elementals.

In 2020, I began to facilitate Zoom meetings that help others to connect to nature and have been a speaker on FB lives and a recent summit.

Here's what a past client had to say about us working together-  “It is no coincidence that on a particularly high energy day I had the greatest pleasure to unexpectantly meet Michelle and be drawn to her ‘Mary Magdalene’s Light Essence’, which I have purchased both for myself and as gifts for others. This essence was perfect in supporting my own inner development moving forward and for me these words from her message…. ‘May you be a light in the darkness. May your candle light all other candles. May the Flame of Love spread within all beings’…resonated strongly with me and gave me focus and motivation moving forward with my own energy work. Michelle carries within her a very Healing Beautiful Soul Light which is too imprinted within the essences that she so lovingly makes…enhancing the essences further…by Blessing us with her Light. Thank you Michelle!!! Jennifer Wilson (Sacred Tribe Energy

Before the journey guided by Michelle and Caitríona, I was experiencing life with a consistent level of anxiety and felt ungrounded.  Life was passing me by and I felt unconnected to nature and the world and people around me. After 6 months of biweekly circles with Caitriona and Michelle and being held in the sisterhood and with the guidance of An Cailleach and Goddess Brigid I personally feel very grounded, grateful and accepting. 

Best part:

The energy connection with a sisterhood especially during the darkness of a lockdown winter.  The guided journeys were particularly beautiful and I learned to sit still in the darkness and be ok.  I learned more with how to live with the seasons and the Celtic calendar and more connected to nature.  

Michelle and Caitríona have a wonderful kind healing compassionate energy.  They are welcoming to all and gives space to everyone to share as they need.

I personally had never done a shamanic group before and I felt so very comfortable and at ease.  The group worked really well online and it felt amazing to be able to feel the power and energy through the screen.

This got me through Winter 20/21 with joy in my heart and the ability to appreciate so many things.

I would highly recommend to any woman wanting to connect to themselves, nature and bring the Celtic wheel calendar into their life to connect in with Caitriona and Michelle.