Wise Woman Alchemy

Imagine a group of women from all over the world coming together with one common goal. 

We gather because it's what our ancestors did for millenia. 

It's what our souls are aching for in these modern times.

We come together to heal, to free our souls from the pain, the past and the burdens that hold us back in this lifetime. 

Our journeys are unique but our wounds are the same. (Persecution, belittlement, torture, vows, contracts).  

We come together because we know the power of gathering together in circle.

We know the power of community and we know it is time to take back that power! 

Wise Woman Alchemy is the answer to the call for community & deep healing. 

Wise woman alchemy is an online community of wise women, a unique blend of women's circle and healing circle. 

An ongoing monthly membership. Each month you will receive an essence in the post to take to support you on your healing journey. 

There will be 2 calls per month, one is a healing circle & one is a women's circle. 

Examples of themes will be: 

  • Reclaiming the Wise woman
  • Womb Wisdom
  • Reclaiming your power
  • Flourishing
  • Call of the wild woman
  • Sovereignty


During our time together the ancient Goddesses from the Tribe of Danú - Danú is the mother of the tribe, mother earth, Gaia. The trive hail from a pre patriarchal time and bring forth their powerful much needed energies to support us as we heal and let go of what no longer serves us and reclaim what is ours.  

The energies of the healing circles are powerful yet gentle and will quickly and effectively shift stuck, blocked or unwanted energies.

During our sessions you will be held in the powerful & stabilizing energies of the Celtic Goddesses. Brighid, Meabh, Gráinne, Áine, Aisling, Danú to name but a few!  

The space that you are held in will allow for deep healing and clearing.

When we meet, you will step into sacred space. 

A safe container where you are the focus of the healing energies.

Where you can let go of the outside world.

Rest, relax and allow what is no longer needed to be released. 

Our time together is sacred, we will begin by opening space and the energies of the group.

Together with my healing guides our healing session will take us to times and spaces where healing is most needed, there will be times where my voice will guide you & periods of silence as the healing takes place and integrates. 

There is no agenda, instead there is deep trust that you will get what you need from every session. 

We also have a sharing call on zoom each month, this is a chance to explore the theme of the month more indepth and share in a safe and sacred space. 

The calls will be recorded if you can not make it live. . 

This is right for you if you are a spirtual woman seeking community, like minded people to share a healing space with. 

It doesn't matter if you have been on this path for a week or decades, you will know that you are in the right place because you will feel the pull to be a part of the wise woman revolution community. 

You will get: 

1 x 45-60 minute healing call per month

1 x 90 minute sharing/circle call each month

Cost: €33 per month

To sign up follow the link here - 


Here's what people are saying about working with me!

"Caitriona is a force of nature;  tall, funny, compassionate and very, very wise. In fact, exactly like the Celtic Goddesses she channels so well.  Her approach to healing is straightforward and real and the resulting healing session is very powerful.  Highly recommended." Ann Callaghan, Indigo Essences

 I believe that the session with Caitriona was of great benefit to me and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wishes to have distance healing and work with the Goddess energy! She takes great care and is very loving and compassionate in her work. Thank you so much Caitriona! Love and hugs!  Michelle Nilson - Light essence elementals

Caitriona is very intuitive and at times she was so accurate it was like she had literally stepped in to my memories and described things exactly as I felt them. Would highly recommend working with Caitriona". Sally Arthurs - Sally Arthurs Emotional wellbeing

If you are looking for a " pink, soft and fluffy" consultation, don't come here but if you are looking for someone who knows her stuff and says it how it is but in a completely safe and gentle enviornment, then Caitriona Hicks is your lady. Jane Harris