A Little bit about me!

I'm Caitriona, pronounced Katrina. As the founder within the Wise Woman Revolution, I am here to empower spiritual women entrepreneurs like you to thrive in soul-aligned businesses.

My own path as a healer and mentor was ignited when I discovered the profound impact of embracing my spiritual gifts. This awakening led me to dive deep into the realms of energy healing, subconscious reprogramming, and the wisdom of the Akashic Records.

 My personal journey has been a symphony of healing, growth, and manifestation, and now, I am honored to guide you on your unique journey.

Within the sacred space of the Wise Woman Revolution, we will transcend limitations, dissolve doubts, and align with the abundant flow of the universe. Together, we'll unleash your authentic power, ignite your brilliance, and create a thriving business that reflects your soul's calling.

As your devoted guide and mentor, I offer unwavering support, heartfelt guidance, and a nurturing container for your expansion. The Wise Woman Revolution is not just a business—it's a soulful sisterhood of like-minded women rising together on their entrepreneurial journey.

When I'm not guiding and empowering spiritual women like you, I be out in nature, exploring sacred sites, and honoring the wisdom of the Celtic traditions. In every aspect of our work, I infuse the transformative power of Grá—love in Gaelic.

Are you ready to embrace your spiritual gifts, rise to your fullest potential, and create a thriving business that embodies the essence of the Wise Woman Revolution? I am honored to walk beside you as we shape a world of boundless possibilities and abundant prosperity.

Lé Grá (with love in Gaelic),


Some fun facts about me:

  • I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up, I used put my little sisters in the wardrobe with me and pretend it was a spaceship. Some say I am still a space cadet! 
  • I'm usually barefoot unless I have to go somewhere that requires shoes.
  • And even though I don't have any desire to be an astronaut nowadays I am still on a mission albiet a very different one!


My Credentials

  • Diploma & Licentiate Acupuncture - Acupuncture Foundation Ireland. 
  • 1st Affiliated Hospital Nanjing China, October 2008. Qualification: Licentiate Clinical Placement
  • Traditional Irish Herbalist at Brighids Academy of Healing Arts. 
  • Certificate in Patent remedies of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine - Landsowne College of Chinese medicine, Dublin
  • Flower & Vibrational essence practitioner - Essentially Flowers training.
  • University College Dublin - Women, Gender & Social Justice
  • Women's Shamanic Studies at Dragon School of Her Studies
  • Moon Mná Celtic Women's Circle Facilitator - Moonmná.ie
  • Celtic Medicine Wheel with Noirin Rooney, Herbalist, Shaman & Wise Woman. 
  • Star of Gaia Priestess Process & High Priestess of the new earth with Sara Estelle Turner
  • Akashic Records pracitioner & energy healing - Akashic Records Institute